Tricia is by far the greatest speaker coach I have ever worked with. She asked the right questions, consolidated my thoughts, and churned out a good product. Without her, I would have gone into my big speech with fear and uncertainty. For anybody that wants to use their stage to inspire, Tricia is it!

Chris Schembra, Chief Question Asker, 7:47 Club | We systematically help business owners ignite and grow their analog community.

Tricia has the gift of zoning in on the passion that lives in your soul and needs to be shared with the world. In my work with her, she made me feel safe to go deep, be vulnerable and explore what truly lights up my spirit, so I could discover the message I am meant to deliver.

Tricia has extensive knowledge and effortless intuition about what makes a powerful presentation and specifically a TEDx talk that delivers the gift of inspiration to the audience. What makes Tricia extra special is that not only is she a brilliant teacher and coach but she delivers with grace and profound understanding of both the presenter and the audience.

Suzie Carpenter Best Selling Author, Speaker and Pioneer in Clean Eating Movement.

Working with Tricia Brouk was an eye opening experience.  She has a gentle but firm way of helping you reframe not only your thoughts but also your presentation style.  She is the quintessential professional in all aspects and truly helps you choreograph your presentation for maximum impact.  When we started working together, I had several stories to tell and in reality they were all different angles of the same story.  Tricia walked me through all of my ideas and helped me fine tune them by sharing what she heard and where she heard my passion come alive in the telling of the details.  She helped me step below the surface level to the really juicy gift that I could provide to the audience.  Tricia’s supportive style was amazing and allowed me to stretch to the next level and create a compelling story along with ideas for a stage presence and special effects.  Not only did Tricia help me to create the story, she also helped me to understand the importance and impact of the physical delivery of that story.  As a result of our work together, I not only have a Tedx worthy discussion, I also was able to parlay my short story into a 90 minute engaging Keynote without once looking at my notes.  For Tricia, the value is not just in creating a story with words, it is creating the whole performance including body language, presentation style, props and content.  Tricia Brouk is a Rock Star who helps you become one too!

Cheryl Marks Young - Senior Executive, Professional Coach, Management Consultant & National Speaker and best selling author of Love Your Life.

After working with Tricia on my TEDx talk, I am a new speaker… and a new person. She flipped the switch in my speaking gift from sympathy to impact. I have been speaking for a couple of years but I have been noticing a very uncomfortable feeling that people only thought I was “amazing” for raising two blind children and still smiling, not for impacting their lives through the lessons I have to teach. Tricia taught me how to write and perform my talks with incredible impact, which is now giving me the result I wanted: people are changing their thoughts and perspectives because of me, not just patting me on the back. I am so blessed to have connected with Tricia!

Kristin Smedley - Rare Eye Disease Advocate, Non For Profit Leader, Transforming Perspectives of Blindness

Among the best qualities of The Big Talk series is how much common-sense advice moderator Tricia Brouk packs into her three-minute talks about, well, about talking – in public, that is. From her early topic on the importance of talking a talk rather than making a speech, anyone at any level of public-speaking experience will benefit from Tricia’s approach. Consider some other topics: Just Show Up, Fake It Till You Make It and my favorite, How To Get Out of Your Own Way. Hearing these and other pointers explained clearly and concisely will make your next wedding toast memorable – for the right reason this time! Tricia Brouk speaks softly and carries a Big Talk. Highly recommended.

Philip Dorian - Theater critic and freelance writer of Scene On Stage

Working with Tricia has opened my eyes to possibility. Tricia creates a safe space to grow and challenge oneself. She has encouraged me to go beyond the surface of what I think is good and dig deep into what is great. She is a mastermind.

Jessica Sherr - Actor/Writer - Bette Davis Ain’t For Sissies

Dear Tricia,
Thank you so much for the work you’ve been doing on The Big Talk! I drove from Michigan to Los Angeles by myself and listened to all of them in the car.

My favorite episode was #9, FAKE IT TILL YOU MAKE IT. I was lucky enough to have been cast in an independent feature before moving to LA, and my first day here was the day we shot my scene. I had only been in the city a few hours, hadn’t done too much work in film, and was terrified. Following your advice, I faked an air of confidence until I didn’t need to fake anymore—it was real.

Hope you’re well and keep up the awesome content!

Emily Chatterson Emily Chatterson - Actor

As a director Tricia Brouk is particularly skilled at working with playwrights developing new plays for the stage. I would compare her approach to that of a doula or midwife for the playwright, as she puts herself in full alignment with the author, reassuring them that she is on their side, there to help, there to watch for problems. As the “pregnancy” continues, Tricia asks questions, draws out themes, coaxes out complications or weakness in the writing or story. Because she is always looking for your intention and giving you ways to realize your vision (not hers; I never feel like she has her own agenda), she gains our full confidence. We will be willing to share our most intimate secrets with her, not hold anything back, because we trust her to help us get through this crazy, difficult, often discouraging birthing process with our head held high and our confidence and dignity in tact. And with male playwrights like myself maintaining our dignity in this process is essential.

Beck Lee - Playwright

Tricia has a keen eye and an open heart. She works with your material and your strengths to bring out the best in you. She somehow manages to strike the balance between helping you do the hours of preparation that is needed, while maintaining the feeling of spontaneity that is needed for a well crafted and engaging talk.

I honestly could not have done either of these talks without Tricia’s guidance. She helped me remember my strengths when I was in doubt and kept me on track to show up and do the work so I could deliver a talk that was informational and inspirational

Petra Kolber - Public Speaker, Movement Motivator and Happiness Facilitator

Your project won’t be like everyone else’s out there. She has a deep sense of each project she works on. She takes time to get to the heart of what she is working on. She cares deeply. I’ve seen her in action. If you want to be wonderfully different, if you want to stand out among the crowd and if you want to create magic, then Tricia Brouk will help you do that and much more.

Michael E. Merritt - Playwright - The Guardians

I have worked with Tricia Brouk for over 20 years as a performer/collaborator and have seen her unique talents as a writer and director take simple words and craft them into a compelling piece of theater. She has a keen eye for the narrative and knows how to engage an audience like no other. A risk taker, Tricia will does not fall back on “tried and true” methods of performance or public speaking. Instead she explores the content with a distinctive point of view, pulls authenticity and emotional impact from the speaker/actor and fashions master work of story telling. From monologues to one-woman shows to TED Talks, Tricia has nailed the art of The Big Talk.

Lisa Wheeler - VP of Fitness Programming at Daily Burn Owner, Wheels in Motion Productions

For a performer, Tricia embodies everything you want in a director. She guides you in a way that not only produces the most creative and engaging choices, but also eliminates any lingering doubt about your ability and what you’ll be delivering to an audience. The most important thing a performer can have is trust in themselves and conviction in their work, and that’s exactly what Tricia’s direction engenders.

Rich Hollman - Actor/Improv Teacher – The PIT, Birch Wathen Lenox Private School

Tricia Brouk understands material and guides you through the process without feeling as if you’re lesser than… she’s extremely collaborative. Her quick wit and humor always makes me feel comfortable and safe. She is smart, funny, kind and a truly giving director. Tricia’s drive and passion is inspiring and makes me want to be a better actor.

Kathy Searle – Actor - Baby Mama, Best Actress of 2016 24 Hour Film Festival

As a writer, Tricia worked with me on bringing out the meaning of my script by helping me tighten and clarify my writing with an incredible ability to give guidance from a place completely rooted in my voice and intention as a writer. As a director, she made me feel safe, encouraged, and grounded, while also challenging me to improve and push myself to new levels. As both writer and director, I felt that every step of the way, her vast contributions served entirely to support me as a creator and performer, to elevate the work, and make it broadly accessible to audiences. She deeply understood what I wanted to communicate, and was committed to making my story heard and understood by audiences, as well as making me feel prepared and confident going into the performance alone onstage. Through her guidance, I was able to bring both my script and my performance to new heights, beyond what I knew was possible, while still feeling like the work was my own. There is nobody that I trust more with the stories that are most personal and important to me.

Tova Katz - Writer/Performer - See You At The Funeral!